About Our Alpacas

Meet our alpacas! Three Czech celebrities serve as the patrons for our alpacas!


Bella is a silver grey Huacaya Alpaca. She was born in Wermsdorf, Germany (at the Zauberland Alpacas Farm). She is our oldest alpaca, her birthday is on the 22nd of May! She is the bravest and most active; she is the leader of the herd (fun fact: alpaca herds often have a self-proclaimed leader who will walk ahead of the rest and tend to be more curious!)

Bella’s patron is Pavel Horváth! Pavel is a former Czech football star, who spent a majority of his career playing for Slavia Prague, Teplice, and Viktoria Plzeň. He played a total of over 400 games and scored an impressive 78 goals! We are honoured to welcome him and Bella to our lovely family!


Esmeralda is a black Huacaya Alpaca. She was born in Wermsdorf, Germany (at the Zauberland Alpacas Farm). Her birthday is on the 10th of June! She is quite friendly and can usually be seen following Bella everywhere she goes. Esmeralda’s mother won the title for the most beautiful black alpaca back in 2014 at Germany’s largest alpaca show.

Esmeralda’s patron is Dana Batulková! Dana is an experienced actress who began her career in the theatres, working with both the Free Association of Directors and the Comedy Theatre in Prague. More recently she has appeared in the sitcoms Comeback, “Gympl”, and “Slunečná” and on the dance competition StarDance. We are honoured to welcome her and Esmeralda to our lovely family!


Diego is a brown Huacaya Alpaca with a white face. He was born in Wermsdorf, Germany (at the Zauberland Alpacas Farm). His colouring is not common amongst alpacas - making him a rare beauty. He is quite calm and extremely friendly; he loves meeting new people - especially when they have leaves for him to eat! Diego is our youngest alpaca: his birthday is on the 25th of July. Because of this age, he was too young to shear this season and is thus the fluffiest of our alpacas.

Diego’s patron is Mariana Prachařová! Mariana is an influencer, singer, and actress, and she comes from a famous acting family. Mariana is active on both Youtube and Instagram, where she has a following of over 160 thousand - and counting. She also has a popular podcast. We are honoured to welcome her and Diego to our lovely family!

Here are our lovely alpaca patrons:

From left to right: Pavel Horváth, Mariana Prachařová, Dana Batulková, and Stephanos Germenis-Hildprandt (Castle Blatna’s current owner)

About Alpacas

Alpacas are good-natured, intelligent herd animals. Smaller than llamas, alpacas originate from South America, where they were domesticated by the Incas over 6000 years ago. They are often bred for their fibre, which is softer than wool - you can feel it if you walk our alpacas! They are social, and learn from one another in a group dynamic. Alpacas are known for their quirkiness, and each one is unique. Visit us, and you can pet, feed and walk Bella, Diego and Esmerelda. Don’t forget to book here.