Saint Wenceslas Day

Due to adverse weather conditions, this year's Saint Wenceslas Day celebration will take place in the Sokolovna building. The programme shall open at 14:00 followed by a speech by the Priest at 14:10, a performance by the Blatna music school at 14:20, a cheerleader performance by Prezioso Sokol Blatna at 15:10 and a concert by MISSA Karel Kryl revival at 16:00. We look forward to your visit! 


Theatre Continuo - Zuna puppet fairytale

On 6 September let's follow Zuna's magical journey through life and find out how friendship, kindness and taking the responsibility of your choices help you overcome fear, discover yourself and follow your dreams. The puppet fairytale "ZUNA" is inspired by various magical stories from around the world and is suitable for children from four years of age and their parents. It will take place in the courtyard of Castle Blatna at 10:30.
Admission 100 CZK.


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