Saint Wenceslas Day - Celebration of Czech National Statehood

Numerous events are going to take place in the courtyard and in front of the castle during Saint Wencelas Day, organised by the Nobiscum Humanitas association in collaboration with Castle Blatna and in partnership with the Town of Blatna and the South Bohemian regional office. Starting from 14:00 get the chance to attend the Saint Wenceslas Chorale, a speech about St. Wenceslas, a bagpipe performance by the Blatna music school, a cheerleader performance by TJ Sokol Blatna, a recitation of Czech poetry by the famous actress Valerie Zawadska, a swing concert by H-Band while our little friends will have the chance to get entertained by a puppeteer in the children's corner! We look forward to seeing you!