The 42-hectare castle park is one of the most beautiful locations in the region. It is open to the public year-round – in fact, people have been visiting it since the times of Ferdinand Hildprandt.

Franz (František) Hildprandt had the front part of the original game park transformed into an English-style park. The rear part was kept in its original form with the “sejpy” (remains of gold panning in times past) surrounded by large trees.   

42 hectares of peace and serenity

The park is filled with streams, bridges, paths and beautiful alleyways. When a new road was built in 1810, Baron Franz also had a man-made hill built in the southwest corner of the park with rocks and caves connected by stone tunnels. During the Napoleonic Wars this project gave work and wages to the residents of Blatná. The park also once held an orangery, theater, Swiss house, lodge and shooting range, but these are no longer in existence.

Today the only building standing in the park is the Empire-style house where the Hildprandt family now lives.

Another popular attraction in the chateau park is the large herd of fallow deer, who graze freely and are very tame, as well as a muster of peacocks. Numerous ancient oak trees also grow on the grounds. Legend has it that Queen Johanna used to often sit and even met with her future  husband, King Jiří of Poděbrady, under the park’s largest historical oak.  This ancient tree, over 800 years old and 30 meters high, with a diameter of 180 centimeters, finally fell in the 1980s.

Castle Blatna
New park access regulations
Starting from 1 May 2019, entry to the park will be on the basis of a ticket or card and access will be made possible through turnstiles. Ticket proceeds are being used towards the maintenance of the park and for the welfare of the park´s wildlife.
How much does the entry to the park cost? 
Single-visit tickets cost 25 CZK. Annual cards for the year 2019 are also available for 400 CZK. Residents of Blatna and the surrounding area can purchase the annual card at a discounted price of 250 CZK. Free entry for children under the age of 6 if accompanied by an adult, as well as for the disabled (holders of a ZTP/P card).
Where will the turnstiles be? 
The main entrance to the park will be through the castle´s courtyard. A second entrance will be near Sokolovna. This entrance will be usable with annual cards for both entry and exit, and for exit only for single-visit ticket holders. All other entrance gates will remained closed.
When will the park be open? 
The purchase of single-visit tickets will be subject to the opening hours of the castle´s ticket office. Annual card holders will be able to enter through both entrances throughout the park's opening hours, between 6:00-20:00 during summer months and between 6:00-18:00 during winter months. More information regarding opening hours for both the park and the ticket office can be found on
Where can I buy a ticket or an annual card? 
Both single-visit tickets and annual cards can be purchased at the castle´s ticket office from Saturday, 27 April 2019.
What rules will have to be followed in the park? 
It is forbidden to bring bicycles into the park, as well as to tread on the grass. Dogs are allowed on a leash only. Please find a complete list of rules and further information on
Thank you for understanding. We hope that you will enjoy your visit, as well as help us maintain the park in good order for everyone to enjoy.
The Management of Castle Blatna