Opera Historica 2019 - Tribute to the preservation of heritage sites in the Czech Republic (Pocta české památkové péči)

The owners of Castle Blatna, the Baroness Jana Germenis-Hildprandt and Stephanos Germenis attended the Opera Historica 2019 awards ceremony last Thursday as part of Czech Architecture Week in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle, and received an award for their work in restoring the castle during the last 30 years in cooperation with Mr Alexander Gjuric, the project's architect. The event was organised under the auspices of the Office of the President, the Ministry of Culture, the National Heritage Institute and others, as well as in proud association with the Czech Association of Castle Owners, Europa Nostra and the European Historic Houses Association.

It was an honour to have been joined by the Ambassador of Greece, HE Mr Efthymios Efthymiades and the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, HE Mr Nick Archer, as well as by fellow members of the Czech Association of Castle Owners and the European Historic Houses Association, all of whom have been ardent supporters of and a great source of inspiration for this project.

We are proud to be standing alongside fellow guardians of culture and heritage, and pledge to continue our work in restoring and further developing Castle Blatna.