French weekend


French weekend

Castle Blatná, 09/09 – 10/09/2016

Friday, 09/09/2016

at 19:00

Concert „Memory of Edith Piaf“

Eva Kriz-Lifková



Saturday, 10/09/2016

Castle Blatná

from 10:00


Can-Can, majorettes

Eva Cendros – vocal

Theatre Bořivoj

Theatre ToTem

Bretagne dancing – Art school of Prachatice

French market

Performance of friends from Sargé

Demonstration of electric car Citroen with a charger Schneider


In the castle:

Photography exhibition of Ynna Dalli with photographs and documents from the Museum of Jules Verne in Nantes

Photography exhibition of Karel Steiner

Exhibition of pictures from Bretagne of Josef Synek

Lecture and discussion about environment

French wines

Lecture and discussion about financial literacy – Commercial Bank


Sunday, 11/09/2016


Lecture about French art

Closing of the  French weekend and farewell