From Blatna to the end of the world

September 19-20, 2015: The 10th anniversary of the traditional photo festival of Blatna, titled "From Blatna to the end of the world" was held at Castle Blatna, with the initiative of Kamfo (Club of Amateur Photographers) in collaboration with the Culture Centre of Blatna.
More than 300 people not only had the chance to admire the exhibitions of many famous artists like Prof. Vladimir Birgus (head of the Creative Photography in Opava), Kamila Berndorff, Eva Heyd, Milon Novotny, Ondrej Prosicky, Jarmila Stukova and others, but also to meet many of them personally. In addition, many photography students and amateurs had the opportunity to exhibit their own work in an Open Scene, while in another highlight of the festival, professor Vladimir Birgus gave a speech, recognizing the importance of the festival.