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Dance weekend with JM DANCE

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer the Dance Weekend with JM DANCE is a great chance to spend two days of dancing at Castle Blatna and get six lessons by Czech ballroom and latin dance champions. You will also experience a morning warm-up in the castle park surrounded by deer and peacocks as well as a picnic breakfast. In the evening you will have the opportunity to attend the Night Shows at Castle Blatna where you will learn about the castle's legends and meet many important figures that lived at the castle. 

Váša & Áda – acoustic concert at Castle Blatna on 17/7 at 8pm at the Oh My Deer Café

We would love to invite you to an acoustic concert by 2 brilliant musicians, Vašek Švarc and Adam Babuljak. This dynamic duo has prepared a setlist of everything from indie rock to pop folk and famous hits. Don't spend your Friday night at home, come and enjoy an evening of live music!



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