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The Donau Philarmonie Wien Orchestra at Castle Blatna

On 31 July at 19:30 join us in the courtyard of Castle Blatna for an epic musical evening with the modern, internationally-renowned Donau Philharmonie Wien Orchestra. This year, the famous award-winning soloist and member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts Katica Illényi will accompany the orchestra as a special guest. Through her performances Katica builds bridges between different genres of music as well as between cultures. We look forward to seeing you there!

Night Shows at Castle Blatna 2020

The Night Shows are coming back on 24-25/07, 07-08/08, 14-15/08 and 21-22/08! Once again the historical fencing group Morgana von Maxberg in collaboration with Castle Blatna shall present a series of dramatic plays which take place in the areas of the castle at night time. This summer find out about the castle's legends of the Grey Lady and the templar treasure, and meet important figures that lived in the castle and added in one way or another to the chateau's legacy.


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